How Many Calories Are There in Fruits?

Fruits are something that everyone loves to eat and the best thing about fruits is that no matter how much you eat them you will not put on extra calories. Without fruits, the concept of a well balanced diet is not at all complete. Well, everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not just apple, but there are plenty of fruits that are good for your health. Fruit is a great snack, dessert, or addition to just about any meal. Experts suggest eating at least two servings of fruit a day allow your body to get all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.


However, if you are planning to lose weight or you are keeping a watchful eye on the number of calories you are taking, it is quite obvious to ask “how many calories are there in fruit?” Well, fruits contain calories but in limited amount and it is not something to worry about for those who are following a strict diet. Calories in fruit are extremely low due to higher water content. This helps in keeping your body well hydrated and also nourishes your body muscles and organs. Also, the calories in fruits are made up of mostly simple carbohydrates, some proteins, and very less amount of fat. Also fruits contain many healthy nutrients – antioxidants, vitamins, and plenty of fiber. The high amount of fiber found in fruits helps in the digestion process and keeps your stomach full for a longer period of time. For health benefits, eat fruits with their skin as the skin part contains a lot of fiber which is good for your health. 

Fruits salad

A lot of people worry about the sugar content in fruit or the fat content in fruits such as avocados. Well, there is nothing to worry about as fruits contain less sugar and fat as compared to other foods in our diets. For example, a fruit salad is a great dessert that contains only about 100 calories for one cup. Whereas a scoop of vanilla ice cream when taken as a dessert contains 260 calories. If you are on a weight loss program, there are many fruits to choose from to include in your diet. You can always avoid fruits having high calories. Best way to enjoy fruits when you want to lose weight fast is to eat a piece of fruit before your regular meal to make sure you are not overeating. 

When it comes to fruit and fruit juices it is always better to go for the whole fruits. Without the fiber, the health benefits of fruits are not much. 

Here is list of fruits (per 100 Grams) and their calories:

Apple  – 56 calories


Banana – 153 calories


Chickoo – 94 calories


Cherries – 70 calories

Dates – 281 calories


Guava  – 66 calories


Black Grapes – 45 calories

Black grapes

Litchis – 61 calories

Orange – 53 calories


Papaya – 32 calories


Peach – 50 calories


Pears – 51 calories


Pineapple – 46 calories


Plums – 56 calories


Pomegranate – 77 calories


Watermelon – 16 calories

Water melon

Fig – 75 calories


Gooseberry – 59 calories


Jackfruit – 65 calories


Lemon – 57 calories


Lime – 59 calories


Mangoes (ripe) – 50 calories


Melon (musk), ½ medium – 37 calories


Raspberry – 55 calories


Passion fruit – 36 calories

Passion fruit

Strawberries – 27 calories


Some useful tips to help you enjoy the full advantage of fruits:

  • Never eat a fruit when your stomach is full as it will lead to overeating.
  • You can eat a fruit anytime during the day but do not eat it after a meal.
  • After you eat some fruit, wait about 30 minutes before taking lunch or dinner.
  • The best time to eat fruit is afternoon. Fruits increase the blood sugar level and make the digestive system active after night.
  • Do not mix fruit with foods that are hard to digest as it can cause stomach ache.
  • Bananas and avocados are fruits that contain high calories. So avoid eating them in the evening. Eat these fruits it in the afternoon when the digestive system is active.
  • If possible, eat fresh fruit to frozen and canned ones because the processed fruits contain sugar and artificial preservatives, which are not good for health.
  • Seasonal fruits are the best when eaten raw. Fresh fruits have more nutrients.
  • Before eating a fruit, wash it properly to remove, dirt, insects and pesticides.
  • Never soak a fruit in water for long time as the vitamins and minerals will also be lost in this way.

So, start eating healthy fruits from today and get ready to enjoy the manifold benefits of fruits.   

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